How to save a relationship?


My husband and I recently celebrated 15 years together. However, the last few months have put immense strain on our marriage as I recovered from a car accident. These past several weeks have also proved that relationships can survive even the toughest of times. There are ways to overcome adversity. So if you want to know how to save a relationship, then keep reading and discover what really matters to happy couples.   

Can you save your relationship?

Anyone who is married will know that marriage isn’t a walk in the park. Life is a rollercoaster, and relationships can be complicated and stressful. But then, if you really want to be together, if you believe you’ve found the right person, there is always a way to work through things. There is always a path to saving a relationship. But first, you need to know that you both want to be together, that you can imagine your future together.

What’s Love?

Therefore you need to establish if your relationship is a healthy relationship. That’s what I had to do in my previous relationship. Don’t disregard the red flags. But like everyone, I also wanted to experience love, real love. The feeling that I finally found with my husband.

God showed us what love really is as He so loved us that He gave us His only Son, who died for us so we could live. Celebrating Easter some weeks ago, we also celebrated love. Love that triumphed over death. Love can triumph over hardship. With love, you can overcome adversity in life.

How to Save a Relationship?

Love, however, isn’t the only essential thing for a healthy relationship. So what are the other things that help you to save your relationship? 

I spoke to several happy couples and found out that there are some other things their relationships had in common. I summed it up in my blog post ‘How to Save a Relationship? Advice from Happy Couples‘.

Two Become One

It always needs to be both of you wanting and working towards the same goal. It just won’t work if you aren’t doing this. You need to walk in the revelation that in marriage two become one. Ultimately, that is the only way to save a marriage. You need to enjoy being with your partner to make it long-lasting. Then you know whatever the future brings, you will face it together.   

Always remember that love can triumph over hardship. With God’s love, you can overcome any adversity in life.

You can read more on Journeyofsmiley Blog ‘How to Save a Relationship? Advice from Happy Couples‘.

Katy is a trauma-informed well-being writer who integrates mental health and faith into her words. Katy shares her journey of overcoming trauma on her Journeyofsmiley blog, where you can access her free e-book 7 Keys To Self-Healing, A Trauma Survivor's Guide.

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