Same sex marriages in church? To bless or not to bless?

UK law recognises marriages between same sex couples, however this doesn’t mean the clergy have to offer same sex marriages in Church. Holding such wedding services is up the denomination. Same sex marriage presents a conflict to Bible-believing churches however it seems the Church of England has found a compromise…

So the Church of England has decided to ‘bless’ same sex marriages. Some are annoyed they haven’t gone as far as to conduct same sex marriages in church. Some are angry that they’ve agreed to bless homosexuality.

What we think however is ultimately irrelevant. Truth isn’t decided by a synod, but by the Word of God. No serious student of the Bible can conclude that God blesses homosexuality. Not even the New Testament makes that concession.

In the New Testament though, there does seem to be a change in Biblical teaching about blessing. In the Old Testament, righteousness is blessed, and all sins are cursed (not just homosexuality).

The New Testament doesn’t teach that we should go around cursing sinners to hell. Otherwise we’d be condemning ourselves too. Instead, if as sinners we’re made righteous by repentance and faith in Christ, we are to bless others.

This brings me to my original question: should we not bless rather than curse same sex marriages? The problem is that any sexual relationship other than heterosexual monogamy for life isn’t blessed by God. So how can we bless what God hasn’t? If we do attempt to do so, we’re going against Him. Our blessings don’t have any effect if they aren’t in alignment with God.

To cut a long story short, the Church of England is wrong to say it wants to bless what is accursed by God. Having said that, we can and must as Christians bless homosexuals. How? By calling them to the repentance and faith in Christ that we have come to.

If God can forgive and bless a wretch like me, He can bless and forgive homosexuals too, as He did in the Corinthian church. Nothing we give up for God can compare with the blessing of an eternity with Him.

‘Heavenly Father, thank You for blessing sinners like us, even as You condemn our sins. Help us trust that there is no condemnation for those of us who are in Christ Jesus, in whose name we pray, amen’

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Robert Chamberlain is a husband, father and educator from the North East of England who loves writing about the Bible in his free time. His blog is entitled, Watching Daily At Wisdom's Gates.

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