Did Mary Know? Luke 1:26-38

In this article, we will look at verses from Luke 1:26-38 and unpack what God did to help Mary the mother of Jesus at 14 years old to go through the process of an angel appearing to her, God giving her assurance, giving her the strength and God giving her the peace that she needed in order to stand in her day with courage and strength in knowing that what God said to her was truth.

Did Mary Know? Luke 1:26-38

Did Mary Know? I don’t think Mary did. When the angel came to her I don’t think she realised what was going to happen next. Luke 1:26-38 31 You will conceive and give birth to a son, and you are to call him Jesus.32 He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High. Mary didn’t know the significance of what was about to happen but what she did know was that God was at work.

 Mary being only 14 when the angel appeared to her didn’t realise the baby the Spirit of God will conceive in her was going to have the power to calm seas, heal the blind, make the paralysed walk and raise the dead. I’m sure when Mary heard the angel speaking to her she did what every person would naturally do, think what just happened? !! 

Having a calling this big to carry the son of the living God – God in Flesh, She must have been overwhelmed and yet thought I was not qualified, I’m not old enough to have this responsibility. She felt these feelings but that is exactly why God chose her because she was someone who was available and ready to be a servant. 

God doesn’t call the qualified he qualifies the called. Mary didn’t understand why or for what reason God chose her but God doesn’t make mistakes 

Although Mary was young she understood that being a servant means that you might not always know what is happening or what is going to happen but you know God has a reason and a plan for the things He does. 

Strength from God

The Strength that Mary would have had to have at this moment must have been overwhelming for her at the age she was. To say in the day and age she was in that She was pregnant by the Holy Spirit must have taken such strength because I can guarantee you that the Pharisees would have definitely wanted to shame her and say she was lying. 

When Mary knew God had told her this through the angel. God gave her the strength, courage and faith to stand in that knowing that what God said to her was true. The hardest part of standing is knowing when nobody else believes you, you still believe cause God told you the truth. 

Peace from God

It’s in moments like this that we all need the peace of God, I can guarantee you Mary needed it in bucket loads But God was willing to provide the assurance that she needed in order to move forward in peace.  When God tells us something He will give the peace, He will give you the strength and he will give you the assurance that what you heard was the truth and he will also give you the faith to believe it.


You might think how come we need faith to believe it? It’s a valid question. The reason we need faith to believe in what God is saying is because Faith is the currency of Heaven. Amen

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