Can Anorexia be cured?

Eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia can be a huge challenge, especially in times of great stress and anxiety. If you are affected you don’t need anyone to tell you how hard it is, you know that already. The pain can be unbearable but you don’t have to bear it alone. Much help is available and anorexia does not need to be a death sentence.

This is something a British teenager, Shell discovered despite being told that she only had weeks to live. You can watch her story in the video below and see how she was able to overcome anorexia and live a normal healthy life. So much so that she has been able to become the mother of four children.

This is a complete healing as eating disorders can negatively affect the ability to have a baby. Fortunately, in Shell’s situation, this was not the case. For those who ask questions like: “Will anorexia make me infertile?”; “Will anorexia cause miscarriage?” or “Can anorexia kill you?” – Shell has some positive answers.

If you have a friend struggling with anorexia or if you face this challenge yourself, don’t see it as being any different to any other form of addiction. We all struggle with something, so don’t feel stigmatised or discriminated against.

You may be addicted to being thin, which is putting your health at risk while others are achieving the same result in a different way. It’s the same downward spiral to self-harm and destruction. However, there is hope for all who struggle whether it be an addiction to alcohol, drugs or pornography, or an eating disorder.

Shell shares how she beat Anorexia

For Shell, it was a deepening faith in God that brought her to the place where she could put anorexia behind her. It took two years so this was no quick fix but it was life-changing. This video from CV Global proves how much God loves each of us as an individual, no matter what we struggle with, and He is able to make a way out for us.

There is also much practical help available for those wanting to break free from anorexia. You can speak to your doctor and get support through the NHS or contact charities like Beating Eating Disorders.

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